Window Tinting Frequent Questions

How is  Window Film applied?

3M films are professionally applied by skilled, authorized 3M Dealers.

Almost all of our  films are designed to be applied to the inside of your glass.

The first step is to prepare the window area for the application; placing drop cloths on the floor protecting and/or moving furniture where necessary.

Next, the window glass is cleaned using simple cleaning solutions (often water and ammonia) and razor blade scrapers.

Then the film is sprayed with a slip solution (detergent and water) for proper positioning, and applied to the window glass.

Using a professional grade squeegee and following proper techniques, the application is completed by removing excess water, trimming the edges, and a final squeegee technique to dry the edges


Does VIP make window films?

Definitely! No one has more experience with window film than 3M.

3M was issued the very first patent on 3M Window Film in 1966 and today we are the only manufacturer that can produce our own polyesters, adhesives, metals and scratch-resistant coatings. This gives us the quality control and product consistency other manufacturers just can't match.

What's more, we have a core of carefully screened authorized dealers who are trained by 3M to professionally install your 3M Window Film correctly. And 3M Window Film is backed by a warranty that covers 100% of materials and labor. It's the most  comprehensive warranty you can get. That, along with 3M's worldwide reputation as the adhesive experts, means you can rest assured knowing 3M Window Film is safe for your windows, and safe for you.

How can I avoid having bubbles in my window tint?

By purchasing high quality material and using a reputable professional installer, you  will avoid having bubbles or other imperfections.

How do I clean my Window Films?

After thirty (30) days, you may clean 3M™ Films using normal household cleaning solutions, and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. You may also use a squeegee to clean the films.

Abrasive products which would scratch or damage the film should not be used.

Will the film be placed on the interior or the exterior of my windows?

The film is always applied on the inside of the windows.

Is it legal to tint the front windshield of my car?

California laws allows film application on the upper portion of the windshield not to exceed four inches (4"), but tinting your entire windshield is not permitted.


How long will it take to tint a car with seven windows?

The complete process will take between 3 and 4 hours. It varies on the type of vehicle.

Why do prices vary so much between some tint shops?

The old saying, "You get what you pay for", holds very true in this business. The quality of the film and installation can vary as much as the price.


Will I have any trouble seeing out, especially at night?

INo. As long as your tint is within the law and you have no pre-existing night vision problems. We do action people when choosing our darkest film (limo tint) that visibility can be reduced in unlit areas backing up.

How do  Sun Control Films work?

3M Sun Control Films are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass by increasing the solar reflection (not necessarily visible reflection) and solar absorption through the glass.

Typical colored or dyed films work primarily through increased absorption. The color absorbs the solar energy at the glass, thus reducing the direct transmission into the room. These films are not as effective as reflective films for reducing heat.

 Reflective films are films that have been precision coated with metals. These metalized  films are designed to increase the solar energy reflection of the glass.

3M reflective films range from moderate to excellent in solar performance (heat gain reduction).

How long does it take for  Window Films to dry?

We suggest allowing thirty days for the film to fully dry and cure.


During this curing process, it is normal to have small water bubbles and/or a hazy appearance. These will disappear as the film dries; depending upon the film type and weather conditions, drying may take as much as 30 (or even 45) days, or as little as a few days.


Once dried, 3M Window Films will look great and perform for many years to come.

Will my windows be cloudy or bubbly right after the installation?

Yes, slightly. A thin layer of water will be trapped under the film until it evaporates. This usually takes  only 2-3 days in warm, sunny weather


Can you still tint my vehicle on a cold or rainy day?

Yes. Unless the temperature is much below 40 degrees, climate is not an issue.

What is the warranty for  Window Film?

3M Window Films are warranted to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, or crazing.

Many of our films are warranted against discoloration, too. (Those which do not use dyed polyesters). Should the product proved to be defective, 3M and the authorized 3M Dealer will replace the film and provide the reapplication labor free of charge.


Can I install Window Film myself?

No, 3M Window Films require professional application; our authorized 3M Window Film Dealers are thoroughly trained and experienced in performing high quality work. In this way, our customers will enjoy the benefits of 3M Window Films and have the comfort of the 3M warranty.

How long does  Window Film last?

3M Window Films are made to last for many years.

The exact length of time depends upon the type of film applied, window orientation, type of glass it is applied to and the particular climate in which it is applied. Most applications last well beyond the warranty length.

Does the Ultra Violet protection lose its effectiveness over time?

The ultra violet (UV) protection that we use in our proprietary adhesive system is not indefinite, but we design our window films to maintain high UV protection throughout their lifetime.

 In fact, we tested an actual glass sample from The Dumbarton House, Washington,DC, and the ultra violet transmission still measures <1% after 10 years!

Is my warranty still in force if I move to another city or state?

Absolutely. Your warranty is a nationwide contract from the manufacturer that is honored at any authorized 3M film dealer in any of the 50 states. If you have any questions, just call the toll free number on your warranty form.

Is it legal to tint the front passenger and driver side windows?

California law does not permit tinting of the front driver and passenger side windows less than 70 percent.


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